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Mission Innovate now, Lead tomorrow

About Kr8ive

Welcome to Kr8ive Innovations Lab, where we make innovation possible

Kr8ive Innovations Lab was born from the success and innovative spirit of Tykans, carrying forward a legacy of groundbreaking solutions and entrepreneurial excellence. Nestled in the heart of Calgary and extending our reach across Canada, we are a dedicated team of forward-thinkers committed to transforming industries through tailored AI solutions.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between theoretical potential and practical application, turning ambitious ideas into real-world successes. At Kr8ive, we don’t just follow trends—we set them, serving up the future for our customers by leveraging cutting-edge technology to craft solutions that meet today’s demands and anticipate tomorrow’s challenges.

Join us on a journey of discovery and growth, where your vision for the future becomes our blueprint for innovation.

About Kr8ive


Innovate now, lead tomorrow

At Kr8ive Innovations Lab, we are dedicated to unlocking the potential of artificial intelligence to solve real-world problems and drive success. From our base in Calgary, we extend our expertise across Canada, and the US partnering with businesses of all sizes to deliver AI solutions that are not only innovative but deeply integrated into the fabric of their operations. Our mission is to turn the complex into the achievable, ensuring that every project we undertake maximizes potential and empowers our clients.

Core Objectives:

  • Empower and Transform: We empower businesses by transforming their challenges into opportunities through cutting-edge AI solutions.
  • Drive Innovation: Every solution we create aims to advance innovation and push the boundaries of what AI can achieve.
  • Achieve Tangible Results: Our focus is on delivering tangible results that contribute to our clients’ success, ensuring that every innovation has a measurable impact.



Hardworking People in Our Office

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Kr8ive Innovations Lab

Meet the Team Behind the Scenes

Here are just a few of the brilliant minds at Kr8ive Innovations Lab, dedicated to crafting your future with cutting-edge AI solutions.
Callum McNeil

Callum McNeil


Anna Silverman

Anna Silverman

Managing Partner

Arda Kucuk

Arda Kucuk

Director of Technology

Russell Motha

Russell Motha

Account Executive

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